Pissed off Customer

This company sucks. I was wrongfully told I needed a crown for a root canal I needed. I told them I didn’t have the full amount to pay and the dentist told me about compassionate financing. I needed the procedure done, so I was left with no choice but to set up an account. I never received a receipt, and email confirmation, or even a written outline of my payments and fees. I was extremely pissed. That is such a bad way to start off. I had literally no documentation of how much and when my money was going to be taken from my bank. Last week, before finally getting the procedure done, the doctor had told me that I never even needed the crown in the first place, which is what I had set up the payment plan for. When setting up my account, I was told by the assistant at the dentist office that it wasn’t going to touch my credit. I was never informed of an activation fee or even interest. After all is said and done, I set up and was charged for an account I NEVER needed in the first place and no one will give me my activation fee and interest fee back. I work in customer service and I work for an online business, trust me, you can always refund the customer no matter what the payment was for. All in all, I was WRONGFULLY told I needed to set up this account for a crown I was WRONGFULLY told I needed. This company and Direct Pay Dental are extremely unprofessional and clearly under-trained and I can honestly say the customer service and the experience are less than a “0” rating.

Source: Best Company