Aven Gabe

Denefits made it possible for me to get my mom the chiropractic services that she needed. Someone hit her car and disappeared, but she needed help with her back. I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford chiropractic services upfront right away, but I had to take her to get looked at. I was so happy to learn that the provider actually used Denefits! I mean I hadn’t heard of it prior, but I was just glad that my mom could get the services that she needs at a low monthly price.

Adam Smith

I was having a really hard time securing financing for my surgery because of my low credit score. That’s when Denefits came in for the win! They do not require any credit checks, and that saved my life. I was able to finance my surgery and pay it off over time, carrying on with normal life after that. I am so grateful for Denefits, because I couldn’t have done it without them!


I really could not be happier. My accounting firm has been using Denefits and it has made collecting payments a breeze. I don’t have to deal with any collections and their insured payments are great! I can focus on my clients needs without having to ask for payment and it’s automated! So happy that I found this company.

John Weasley

LOOK AT MY POOL, It’s BEAUTIFUL! I personally want to thank Austin & his pool company! Not only did they construct this beauty for me, but they offered Denefits which made me feel ready to take on the project by myself! I was always iffy about installing a pool because of the expensive process and upkeep of it all, but Denefits really made it a no-brainer! I bit the bullet, obviously. But at least my payments are manageable & all my hot summer days can be spent swimming my worries away. Thanks a ton!

Allison Chang

Denefits has been an amazing option for our patients. I am a billing manager of a surgical center and our patients use Denefits to make payments on their high deductibles. Denefits guarantees our payments and we don’t have to worry about collections because they take care of that too! They are a great all around financing software that I would recommend to everyone.

Kandy K

At the beginning of the financing back in 2017 and now at the end, Denefits has consistently been very easy to work with and provided fast and friendly customer service.

Ryan Mattson

Customer service representative Dave was excellent in handling my concerns. I would advise anyone looking for extra cash to use Denefits they don’t have a prepayment penalty and Mr Dave provided me outstanding customer service. I really appreciated the way he went over and beyond in making my experience a great one.

John Santiago

I really appreciate having the option to make payments at my dentist. I had a pretty substantial treatment that was only partially covered by my insurance. Thank goodness my dentist provided me with Denefits as a payment option. It’s easy to use and I have my own portal that lets me make extra payments and have control over all my personal details.

Mayuka Wong

Our office tried Denefits last year and while the software was easy, I just wasn’t getting what I needed. I took a break and then did a refresher — what a difference that made. I learned that I can use Denefits for deductibles – which is great because that can be so hard for patients to pay. Our business has increased with that one addition. I can’t wait to see what the future holds! Thank you Denefits!!

Daniel J.

Well, this was new! Didn’t know I could finance tutoring before till I came across another student’s mother at the school who told me about a tutor who financed his services & I was astonished. I didn’t think that would ever be possible, but it’s been the best investment I’ve made towards my son’s future. He’ll be starting at Cornell next fall!

Kay S.

If my vet bill goes over $200, they offer 6 months interest-free financing, which is great. The only drawback is that there’s a high APR if you go past 6 months, so make sure you can pay it off before then.

John W.

This company will always show your credit report score WAY below any other reports you get a higher score and all from scores that come from the same credit reporting agencies, this company ALWAYS bumps your down by 40 points then they put you in their catagory for how much interest rates you qualify for. They are CROOKS!

Eljay B.

This card is terrible, they prey upon people who need help with their pets, which most people view as family members. They deserve a special place in H E L L

Jennifer W.

Website recently became difficult to log into stating an error please try again. Pending payments don’t always go thru but their late fees are always charged on point. When speaking with customer service their system is never wrong and to them it’s human error. Actually have a code they use for it. Suggest you pay a day or two earlier in case their system doesn’t make your payment in a timely manner and you can catch the nonpayment in time before they charge a late fee which is one of their ways to keep in business I guess.

Salah A.

This was a very handy card to have when I had some dental work done. If you pay it off within the time frame there is no interest.

Thea L.

I have a score just above 550 and I was approved instantly for $2000.00, please give it a go. I mean I have all types of negatives on my credit, charge offs and all.

Ash M

Even if you’re a customer, there’s no way to get human. Call center keeps re-routing you around in a circle with this annoyingly cheerful voice. Finally got human by simply not responding to all the wheedling.O/W, I’m happy w/ the online card service.

Miriam G.

This company separates interest free “promotions” without clarity or alerts even when you have opted in for alerts. I was charged almost a thousand dollars extra for my pets surgery due to unclear promotional time frame splits for a single incident. When I called and waited for a supervisor, they offered no remediation or concern. I immediately paid off the full balance and cancelled this card. Do NOT recommend this institution which feels dishonest with complexity on interest promotions to consumers.

Denie S.

I used the 0% interest promotional offer for the $1,500 deductible that I needed for my BA. And used the 14% interest for 24 months to pay the rest. I wanted to pay off the $1,500 In like 3 months that was the plan. But unfortunately they bundled both and have me a fixed interest rate because they assumed that I wanted to pay 7k in 7 years hence they get their interest. I suggest get 0% interest for one year instead of what I did. Pay it off fast! Or else you will be stuck!

Barbara R.

My credit score is almost to 700 on Credit Karma so I applied for the Care Credit Card so I could get some dental work done. When I applied they didn’t approve me for the amount I needed so I decided not to get the card. Then I get a letter in the mail saying my credit score was 551 and that’s why I wasn’t approved for the amount I wanted. Like what?! Why is my score SO different on Credit Karma?????

Jeffery a.

Having afterpay as a checkout option has produced more sales for us not only in the dollar amount of the sale but even a sale with the minimum of $35. So a customer that wouldn’t have purchased because of the total being a little more than they would like to spend at the moment afterpay breaks it up at no cost to them. Which in turn raises our sales and larger order amount. We love afterpay.

Merry l.

I cannot get in touch with anyone that will help us. We have been trying to get on their catalog and participate in Afterpay day and other promos for the last 2-3 years, we were directed to marketing and told to upload our assets, we did that and nothing happened, then we sent them several emails, never heard back, emailed multiple different areas to find out the status, nothing, no response. To date we have never heard back or been added to to the catalog and can’t participate in their promos.

Ryan b.

Afterpay allows us to receive larger orders than we did before we connected them with the store. Our customers have commented that they enjoy afterpay are are happy that we offer it. At this point if you have a small business and you don’t have afterpay, then you are really hurting yourself and your potential customers.

Ellen D.

I didn’t have any trouble with Afterpay when it was run by the original owners and I made several purchases using the site. But it is not the same reliable company after Afterpay was sold. I recently bought a handbag through A/P & paid for the first two instalments with my Visa debit card; bank statement shows both payments went through successfully. Afterpay disputes this & demanded a copy of my bank statements which I’ve done. This ballsup & the time taken for Afterpay to rectify their error has turned me off ever using them again!

Nora S.

I’ve been using after pay for a few months with out any problems. Then out of nowhere they froze my account. When I reach out to see what the problem was they were requesting that I send though email a copy of my license or passport and several bank statements to prove that payments were made. I believe they were trying to collect my information because they would know that all payments have been received on time using they same card. This is how identity theft starts.

Susan M.

I cannot get in touch with anyone that will help us. We have been trying to get on their catalog and participate in Afterpay day and other promos for the last 2-3 years, we were directed to marketing and told to upload our assets, we did that and nothing happened, then we sent them several emails, never heard back, emailed multiple different areas to find out the status, nothing, no response. To date we have never heard back or been added to to the catalog and can’t participate in their promos.

Olive J.

I really enjoy using Afterpay. When I was first looking into it I wasn’t sure if it was the right fit for my website but I’m so glad I’ve implemented it as a payment option on my website.

Michelle K.

They’re customer service is atrocious. I Changed the theme of my website template and needed them to update as well, so every product reflected the installments in pay in four. Helped conversions really nicely. I emailed them about it, they never responded. I transitioned to PayPal Pay in Four reluctantly, but it was sort of forced upon us with the lack of response.

Felicia E.

Their rate structure was significantly less favorable than QuadPay (Zip) and their onboarding team was way less involved / responsive.

Bill P.

customer service. I tried to call so I could get into my account to pay a bill and the guy in customer service was not only difficult to understand but he was rude and ended up talking in circles until I finally had to hang up. Jeff was a jerk. He was repeating himself and no matter how many times I told him I had this already he kept on repeating himself. Nothing was resolved but I will sure as hell dispute this if it ends up on my credit report. I sent an email 2 weeks ago and never got a reply from you. I strongly do not recommend

Katherine C.

They are liars now you have to make 5 payments before you get all the money you got the loan for.

Greg K.

Never applied with these people yet getting an email saying they can’t help.

Dana R.

Not good at all for sure though now I haven’t received any reply yet though or any help for me anymore now though so I am not interested in doing anything with this anymore now though lol ?

Amber D.

I don’t recommend Lending Club. I got pre-approved letters, I then applied and got denied. Not even for counteroffer. My credit score was above what they say is required, as well as my income. If I were you I would stay away from Lending Club. Many other options out there.


Are you having ISP issues? I’ve used 3 different ISPs to log into my account and all I get is a 504 gateway error.

Kari R.

Fast service, easy application process, pleasant American, English speaking customer service! I’ve had two loans and look forward to doing business with these folks again. With their help I have increased my credit score considerably… thanks LendingClub.

Randal W.

Unfortunately most of your loan companies are not the best option as bank would be but the ones who PROVIDE DETAILED INFORMATION AND SEEM BE REALISTIC WITH QUALIFICATIONS. SO I’D SAY WORTH CONSIDERING however Interest rates can be high.

Mary C.

I received an offer from the LendingClub to refinance my car at a competitive rate. I filled out the application and received a determination. At no point did any of the paperwork mention that the loan would be actually be serviced by another company altogether, and the Truth in Lending didn’t specify it either. It also stated I would have 60 days to make my first payment. After signing the loan docs, the next thing that happens is I receive paperwork from my actual loan company, First Services. Their paperwork doesn’t mention anything about the 60 day grace period, and when I call them on it, they said they won’t honor it. I had to go back and forth between Lending Club and First Services, each blaming each other. I finally got Lending Club to send the Truth in Lending over to their client, and then (and only then) they honored it.

Dalton Z.

These people are liars and will do anything to keep your money

Pam N.

I am beyond happy with my loan. I got all of my credit cards and medical debt all paid off with one loan and one monthly payment. And a cheaper interest rate. And it was so easy to do. I knew I had the loan the next day and it paid out within 5 days. Amazing!!!

Joe R.

Great experience, very helpful and professional!

Virginia B.

Not happy with this service! I was approved for $650 but then I had to pay $325 down payment so I really didn’t get 650 to help pay the fees, I only got 325 & still have huge out of pocket fees! Very misleading!!

Pat M.

I was presented a 10.99% APR so I accepted the offer and signed. However, when I pulled up the app and logged in I saw a 20.99% APR. Thank goodness I looked and saw that right away. The office lady called Sunbit and they had no idea why I was given 10.99% APR and refused to work with me so I canceled it. Needless to say I’m glad I caught this right away..

Laura M.

Great when you needs little extra to help with unforseen cost..3,6, or 12 month options are great. And the credit card gives great limits.

Lois D.

I’d like to take this time to say they were there when I needed them and they cared about Repairs getting paid for my car? Thank you for caring

Charlene R.

I broke my glasses and was very short on cash to get new ones. Sunbit helped me easily finance the cost of the glasses so I could get them that day.

Vicki F.

Sunbit was good to have on my side when i needed it …However Larry H Miller is a ripoff I.M.Othey over charge on their service and charge you for services you don’t need never using them again !!!!

Sue O.

I love the fact that I have this option. Even though the dealership screwed me. The reason I didn’t give 5 stars is that when I signed up for it. It said the minimum down payments was $79 r whatever and I paid $300 and it took out the 70 something out as well!!!! If I would have known that I wouldn’t have put as much down because I didn’t have that money!

Genevieve G.

The way it is selected for how much your approved for is crazy. It didn’t even cover a basic repair on my car that I’ve had for 6 months

Scott L.

I hated it 100 percent I thought Sunbit was going to help me out with my payment giving a credit of a certain amount to pay down my total come to find out that is not the case its actually a loan that needs to be paid back with on top of that you still have to pay the dentist out of pocket a ridiculous price I wouldn’t recommend Riccobene Dentistry on 2430 S. Church St in Burlington North Carolina or let you sign up for the Sunbit program either


Good interest rate and easy to work with. Their customer service department is helpful and thorough!

Source: Best Company


I truly appreciate the service this company offers. Jaritza was really helpful today.

Source: Best Company


Super easy to work with and fast at responding to all of my questions.

Source: Best Company

Betsi Drayman

They helped me when no other company would. Dental work is a necessity. Thank you.

Source: Best Company

Charles Moak

Predatory interest rates and awful service. Purely evil company. They refused a payoff on the grounds that “the prior payment is processing,” and coincidentally they charge interest daily.

Source: Best Company

Rebecca Wunder

The customer service is horrendous.. I spend 45 minutes on hold trying to speak to an admin to reset my account and ended up having to leave a voicemail two seperate times. It says they will get back to you in 24 hours.. still awaiting a call-back 2 days later. I even sent an email request and nothing… Disgraceful service

Source: Best Company

Jim Fralich

They will continue taking money out of your account even after the loan has been paid. I had to take off work and go to the bank after I found they had taken another payment out in May after the loan had been paid off in April. Watch out for this crooked company.

Source: Best Company

Melanie Lewis

I called Compassionate Finance just now. Three weeks ago I requested to change a withdrawal date. I asked what date it would be debited from my account. I was told the date. I said “thank you for your help.” The Customer Service person didn’t say anything else, she hung up. I would not be writing this is she would have acknowledged that the call was going to end, or said “thank you, good day” or something, but she didn’t.

Source: Best Company

Sarah Keith

They do not provide statements and I have to call to find out what my balance is and they charge a very high % rate which, had I know I would never have agreed as I have never had to pay such a high % rate. I am really not impressed with how they do business and I would never used them again nor would I ever recommend them. I will be speaking with my dentist about them.

Source: Best Company

Karen Fair

They are still continuing to take money out of my account at 50 bucks a time. Balance was 167.00 in Jan before payment was made yet still hitting me every month !! Sick of business doing what the hell they want with people’s accounts!! This business is for people with low incomes fixed budgets and this is what they do to you!! I’m a single mom getting no help financially raisong my son and they are taking food out of his mouth!!

Source: Best Company

Ashley Jones

I can’t find a place to make payments and they’re always closed when I call.. This has been going on even before Covid-19 I wanna transfer this to another place where it’s easier to make payments.

Source: Best Company

Dawn Harelik

Not easy to work with. Getting a payment history is almost impossible; especially for a senior citizen that is not internet savvy. A year after loan was taken out, a refund was sent to back to lender of $1,000, but yet my mother kept paying the same interest rate on her original amount of loan. Seems like Senior Citizens are being taken advantage of.

Source: Best Company


I have contacted Customer Service three times regarding my account, total transparency and a monthly email notification regarding balance due.
They put all blame on provider of Dental Practice application process and take no responsibility for providing a monthly balance via email, since they do not send hard copy.
Provider told me no on-line application is made without providing a valid customer email address. Yet Compassionate Finance denies this and stated no email address was ever provided, and that applications are accepted without email. Since they do not provide hard-copy then they are in violation of the law.
On the second call, they rudely hung up. Terrific.

Source: Best Company

Pissed off Customer

This company sucks. I was wrongfully told I needed a crown for a root canal I needed. I told them I didn’t have the full amount to pay and the dentist told me about compassionate financing. I needed the procedure done, so I was left with no choice but to set up an account. I never received a receipt, and email confirmation, or even a written outline of my payments and fees. I was extremely pissed. That is such a bad way to start off. I had literally no documentation of how much and when my money was going to be taken from my bank. Last week, before finally getting the procedure done, the doctor had told me that I never even needed the crown in the first place, which is what I had set up the payment plan for. When setting up my account, I was told by the assistant at the dentist office that it wasn’t going to touch my credit. I was never informed of an activation fee or even interest. After all is said and done, I set up and was charged for an account I NEVER needed in the first place and no one will give me my activation fee and interest fee back. I work in customer service and I work for an online business, trust me, you can always refund the customer no matter what the payment was for. All in all, I was WRONGFULLY told I needed to set up this account for a crown I was WRONGFULLY told I needed. This company and Direct Pay Dental are extremely unprofessional and clearly under-trained and I can honestly say the customer service and the experience are less than a “0” rating.

Source: Best Company

Manuel Malagon

I had never been involved with compassionate finance before and is everything but compassionate. I was getting charged interest and a fee. I mean, I get the interest but what the heck was the fee for!? They just charged $30 dollars on top of the $17 interest and it just said fee. You should change the name to “Predatory Finance”, or “Greedy Finance”, because there is nothing compassionate about charging more than $5 interest, regardless of the amount borrowed, and a random fee.

Source: Best Company

Robert Hargrave

Have an account with them for years and for whatever reason was not able to sign in the Compassionate website.
Sent an email to company and Devan H…….Customer Care Specialist responded back and reset my password.
Works great.
Super company always thinking about the customer.

Source: Best Company


The company approved my credit in few easy steps while i was in the dental office and was able to get my Tx done immediately.
The loan was straight forward and seamless over the one year payback process.
Will use it again if needed.
Customer service was courteous and emails were immediately responded to- easy communications from their side.
Thank you

Source: Best Company

Carissa Hanners

Eritrea has been an absolute joy and pleasure to work with! She has been helpful to me on a very personal level. She has taken the time to ensure that I feel comfortable and that I understand what’s going on with my account and payments. She has been extremely kind and patient and even offered to help me discuss problems with the dental office. She has a quality to the way she speaks that is extremely rare; she’s not just portraying compassion, she took the time to connect with me as a human and was both empathetic and sympathetic to my life and my journey. She’s not only good at what she does, but her soul shines through and that is something that I hope her superiors recognize her for and that she feels treasured. She should never feel anything less than treasured like the jewel she is! I’ve really never had someone take the time like she has and it is endlessly appreciated!

Source: Best Company

Patricia Deiry

I have had a dental loan with Compassionate Finance for over 5 years. Without their help I would not have been able to have shoulder replacement surgery. Bacteria free healthy teeth are necessary to help prevent rejection of the artifical joint. They have, over the years, lowered my monthly payments to help me. My favorite customer service representative is Devan H. I have been luckly enough to get her many times when I call in. I always hope she will answer. She is kind, professional and understanding and always does what she says she is going to do. Reliable Devan. Thank you for the great customer service!

Source: Best Company


To start off amazing customer service!!! Very friendly and professional people. The process of filling out the application was super easy and fast. I got a call within minutes and had no trouble with the process. After I filled out the application it took less than 2min to get an answer back. I 100% recommend it!!!

Source: Credit Karma


RIPOFF! Easy approval for a reason. Teaser interest rate. High APR with upfront fees as well. Paid off early exactly what was on my statement over the phone. Then I received notice of balance due $293 fee after 3 months of Covid deferment in 2020. Never disclosed. Perfect payment history. Prior tried to get me to refi the loan w a higher apr after years of perfect payment. They prey upon people who aren’t familiar w all their tricks! They received 2 stars for easy approval. Go to your credit union or SoFi. No fees and fair interest and apr

Source: Wallet hub


They say you can refinance, but you can’t – you take out a second loan for the amount you have already paid off. APR is astronomical!

Source: Wallet hub


Let me start off by saying Cathy Werner gets 5-stars from me! She made my experience a very pleasant one. The ONLY reason I am not giving Lendingpoint the full 5-stars is because of the hard pull requirement for refinancing an existing loan. Cathy Werner is literally the only reason I went ahead with refinancing, as I need my credit intact for a purchase in the near future. Hopefully the refinancing hard pull requirement gets adjusted in some way in the future. Otherwise, this the best

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Can a loan be taken back after approval?After a hard inquiry this company approved me for a loan then denied me and when I asked why they said because of my phone number . This loan company is shady . str8 up fraud scheming ppl out of hard inquiries .

Source: Wallet hub


Cindy was very courteous and kind when she worked with me for my loan! It was a smooth and seamless process! So thankful!

Source: Credit Karma

John S.

They will gove you the run around collect all of your information and tell you different stories. Its plenty of better honest loan sites i wish I read the real reviews before i sent my information in. I feel uncomfortable because now they have my information and i dont know what they will do with it:

Source: SiteJabber


Shame on credit karma for even putting this trash on their site. Said I was pre approved for $15k then after wasting my time at the very last minute I was able to get the actual loan amount from them ($7500) luckily I was able to get this out of them before they did a hard pull on my credit. Really tired of seeing these fake offers that could actually help or change someone life for the better, then getting low ball offers that just put people down. My credit is not bad. Its in the 650 range but I also don’t have any bad credit (still building credit after living the “pay for it with cash you don’t need credit for anything” till you go to buy a house or a new car)

Source: Credit Karma


Ronald B made my experience so easy. The application was also amazing to fill out.

Source: Credit Karma

Olivia James

I have used Lneding Point a couple of times. The first time I had just closed my business and had a limited job history. The rep on the phone did a great job of making it happen when nobody else would. They call about once a year to offer to refinance. I have taken them up on it a couple of times. Each time they ask for less financial info since now they know they can trust me.

Source: Credit karma

Kathryn Preckol

I made my payment two weeks before the due date, and received confirmation of this payment. Today, 4 days after the due date, I get an email from them saying that I have a past due/late payment. I frantically search my emails and find the payment confirmation and nothing else. So I check my bank account and there was no payment taken from my account.

Source: Wallet Hub

B M Smith

Ridiculous Late Fee that began January 1 of 2022. I have been charged late fees in the past but never one that was almost as much as the minimum payment. My example just happened. My payment of $53 was due on the 27th and I made the payment on the 28th. I was charged a $41 late fee. Apparently, all of the bad reviews about their high fees haven’t gotten through to this company since they are now adding more. Add those on top of a 30% interest rate and you

Source: Wallet Hub

David Hurst

Took my card out of the country and my first transaction was declined. They text me and asked if it was me making the transactions, to which I said it was. So tried card again later that day and declined again. So I called and I’m frustrated by this point so the rep hangs up on me. I call back and they fix it and tell me give it 15 mins. So lateri use it again and it works! great…or so I think next transaction declined!! I call back and get a voicemail saying they are now closed for the weekend and to call back Monday! Terrible customer service and terrible card! Just paid my total balance and I will be closing that account tomorrow.

Source: Wallet Hub


Stay Away!!!! I opened a credit card with them a year ago and pay it off each month. I received an email from Aspire 5/27/22 that was account has been closed due to to activity for 3 months. I pay this card off each time I use it. Really? DO not recommend these people for a credit card and the representatives are useless morons!

Source: Wallet Hub

Nunya B

Seems to me that today is the day where everybody is getting their cards closed out. I have good credit so I’m assuming that they don’t like people who actually pay their bills because they’re not making any more money off of the interest fees. I had called to ask what was going on and the lady said I was sent an email to explain it was closed due to inactivity. So there was no warning there was just the email from today and it was closed. My guess… They’re gonna go bankrupt and are closing everyone’s cards out. They should “aspire” to be a better company…. What a ridiculous company.

Source: Wallet Hub


Bad bank , closed my accounts because non inactivity, bad bad , don’t take it if they offer, baddddddddddddd bank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: Wallet Hub


Stay away from this credit company. Aspire targets people with low credit score to trick them into thinking it will help their credit score along they have multiple hidden fees. The customer service is horrible and they are not here in the US. I have 2 credit cards with Aspire and I’m being charged an annual fee and monthly maintenance fee. When I called to get a better understanding of this, the rep was not helpful at all. He tried to tell me the maintenance fee

Source: Wallet Hub


They canceled my card after missing one payment due to financial difficulty. They closed my account with no warning. And are still charging me finance charges and annual fee like it is still open. Their excuse was they won’t refund the finance charge and if I don’t pay the bill by the due date they will charge me a late fee as well.

Source: Wallet Hub


Conman scheisters that just want your money and to screw you as much as possible. Don’t trust them, and I strongly suggest against doing any business with them EVER.

Source: Wallet Hub

Mike Ingle

Terrible Business Practices. I paid each payment on time, way over the minimum payment. The last payment I made I was told would not be available credit for 5 days. I’ve never missed, been late or had a payment fail to go through. This is the only card I have that handles business this way. Not acceptable.

Source: Wallet Hub


Doesn’t offer credit increase for nine months very little is not worth getting this card there is better terrible card this card is not worth your time . Offers 350 or less then you have to wait nine months u be lucky to get a increase they just keep taking money from u and thats it

Source: Wallet Hub

Christina R.

There are small issues that are annoying… when you email a PO to a vendor it doesn’t save a record on the opportunity or work ticket it’s associated with, also it doesn’t recall any email addresses, so you have to type in address every time. super waste of time. in the scheduler i sometimes have issues finding the work tickets i want to schedule (not sure if that’s user error) Often times a work ticket will report committed costs against purchase receipts that have been received and approved making EOM procedures difficult, especially if the purchase receipt was approved ina closed month. I don’t thnk the payroll function works for us… (not certain bc i don’t do payroll)

Source: GetApp

David C.

Sometimes it glitches. When I need to contact support it sometimes can take a while. Other than that it is great!

Source: GetApp

Lauren H.

Overall it has helped but the financial problems with us, them, the trining we received, whatever has me feling like a stepchild instead of one of the family. We pay a lot to have this; I want that problem fixed.

Source: GetApp

Kelli K.

After some trial and error, my overall experience with Aspire is good. I enjoy the fact that they are constantly improving and interested to hear what their customers would like to see.

Source: GetApp

Leesa M, Victim Advocate

The card works for what I need. The interest rate is a little high, but I am hoping that I can negotiate a lower rate in a few months.

Source: Wallet Hub

Robert S Rhodes

I can’t say enough of great things that has happened from having this card. Not only did they approve me and gave me a chance, but with on time payments sent to the credit bureaus, my credit score has increased drastically.

Source: Wallet Hub


I am new to credit and Aspire gave me this opportunity with a zero annual fee and a $1,500 credit limit so I went ahead and open this account and so far everything has been smooth sailing the app is easy to use and the payments post right away especially when you take advantage of the debit feature for payments so I’m very happy with this account.

Source: Wallet Hub

Joe O.

My experience with Aspire has been wonderful overall. The product is super solid and they are committed to making constant improvements. The support they offer their customers is first class and they are very responsive when problems do occur.

Source: GetApp

Tracy R.

Aspire has exceeded all our expectations and provides us with the real time knowledge of how we are performing as a company. Aspire is not a static software, they are always looking for new and better ways for the software to handle information and changes in the industry.

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I wish I could give this sorry excuse of a company 0 stars. A waste of your time and a waste of your money. I want to see this company go down and never exist anymore. I can’t express the sheer frustration and anger I have after every phone call. They lie, they send you in circles for hours, transfer after transfer, just for them to tell you they can’t help you. My APR was at 12% with ally. I thought transferring my loan elsewhere was going to be easy but they made it so much harder than it needed to be. Ally is not an Ally. They are villainous liars who charge people up the wazzu and have no care for actually assisting people. 0/5 stars. Do not even breathe towards ally, I want them to go down in so angry.

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Henry Jackson

Ally auto is the worst auto financial group I know. My vehicle was paid off on 6/9/2022 and they will not give me back my “extra payment”. I have called them several times and the story changes each tim. First they tell me 5 to 7 days, 55 days, 60 days, now today they tell me 70 days. Ask yo speak with a manger each time they are not available. The sad part about this I have never been late with them.
Disabled veteran need help

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Ilea of Bronx, NY

Regrettably I finances a purchase through Ally lending. The majority – over 2/3 of the purchase price was refunded to me but Ally lending will not lower the monthly minimum amount due. There was not an easy way for me to learn that they would not reduce the minimum monthly payments. To learn this info I waited on hold for over 20 minutes. I would not recommend Ally lending to anyone, ever.

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Robert of Anchorage, AK

It was probably just incompetence that their representative assured me that my Autopay had started, then failed to take my payment. Maybe also just incompetence that they report my non-payment to the credit agencies. But malicious that although the mistake was on their part, they refuse to correct the credit agency reports.

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I LOVE Ally checking and savings. Excellent interest rates and I trust them as a company. The Ally Cashback Credit Card, though, is awful. You had better hope to God that you never need to call their support, because it’s literally worse than Comcast’s customer service.

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Gary Mitchell

They are a pretty good bank but I closed my account for one reason. When you call the number to activate your debit card, they force you to hit one for English or two for Spanish and I refuse. Most websites or phone systems will allow you to pause and not select anything but this one forces you to pick one …… I won’t !!!!! I am an American

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Keith Roomet

Great bank but I always had trouble logging in to my account. Very frustrating. Enough to make me move my money out of this bank

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Kenneth Kirkland

The worst. I will never knowingly do business with this company ever again!

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Three stars is my average rating for over the years. I have had many years of great service, but lately (Sept 2019) customer service has gone from the best to the worst experience.I am not going to blab on and on about long times on hold, search machine that doesn’t work (if you can find it) etc. Lets us all hope this is bump in he road that will soon be fixed and Ally can get back to being the excellent banking company they have been in he past. Growing pains maybe?

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Fair customer service; they usually answer my call within 10 min. Rather lopsided operation when opening new accounts; they’ll ask for photos of drivers license, social security card, and even permanent residence or passport to be sent in, but they told me that their email is not secure. If you’re gonna ask for that kind of highly confidential document, shouldn’t you have high security, at the level of ID confirmation that you ask for your customers?? Great rates though, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain. Join at your own risk.

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You have to turn off your VPN to access their site which makes the VPN useless- a VPN is set up to protect things like financial transactions. I think they have two-step verification already- if not, just set that up. Or secret words, whatever.

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Sam B

This review is for Ally Home Mortgage specifically. I can’t recommend them. Things were okay at first but got very confusing during the process and their website is not user-friendly. Things are hidden from view and so many people are involved your head spins. Requests are not always taken care of, which caused me to pay PMI when I should not have. Then was asked to pay a late fee by the title company because nobody told me to contact them. The mortgage is NOT managed by Ally, it is transferred multiple times to other companies and you have no control over that and nobody tells you.

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George Black

I am a senior and retired business owner. Ally is an excellent bank. Customer service is top knitch and they have all sorts of financial intruments and mortgages at a lower rate than most. Only issue I had is YOU CANNOT CHANGE YOUR DEBIT CARD PIN ONCE IT IS SET. Crazy huh? They will keep giving oyou a number( over and over) to call to change your pin but that number only performs initial activation and not changing PIN. So if you really, really need to change your pin you hacve to get en entire new card. Nuts.

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I recently had a frustrating experience with Ally Auto and had left negative reviews however, I received a phone call from Sara, an Account Executive for the Customer Relations Dept at Ally Auto. She has been with the company for a long time and we had an extremely pleasant conversation. She was patient, empathetic, compassionate, kind, and asked me to give her time to look into my situation. A few days later, my issue was resolved and she was able to fix the problem. I went back and erased my bad review, and decided to leave one dedicated to her. She is an incredible asset to the company, and if anyone has any problems – try to reach out to her for help. She may be able to do something.

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Ally is cool. Never had a problem with them. They do what they do. They hold my money safely in an account and I earn a bit of interest off of it. I just wish that they would increase the interest rate for customers who have been with them for a long time. I also wish that they offered a customer referral program, but they don’t.

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Justin Dean

Ally Auto Financial has been amazing to me during these crazy times with COVID-19. I’ll remember they’re love and support.

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This is the easiest online bank to work with. They allow you to easily open an account in a trust and unlike other banks, you can easily add accounts to the trust. It also helps that they consistently have the highest interest rates!

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Ally always has the best rates. Super simple transactions and no service charges. Awesome banking!

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Leslie Roe

We have Ally for almost 2 years. No issues and payments are easy on their website. We just bought another vehicle through them and they set up the account, in one page for both, makes it easier.
I highly recommend them!

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Stacey Bradley Staceybink

I’ve nothing but good interactions with Ally Auto. I bought my car and paid it off with no issues. I was never late with a payment so I had no reason to deal with customer support except for account set up. She was super nice. Loved the website and iPhone app as well. Easy to use. I would definitely use them again.

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